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Welcome to Elecdan Converter ®

Since 1974, our company engineers, manufactures and markets small or medium series of: systems to electronically convert electric energy, as well as instrumentation, measuring and monitoring equipment.
First known as Elecdan with a large diversified offer, we then specialized in DC/DC energy conversion and in isolated analog signal conversion, hence our new name Elecdan Converter.
Our in-house expertise leaded us to register patents and to master complex innovative projects, for our French and international clients (for example: special switches for the Singapore metro / studies for space research and observation of Mars).

Constant innovation since 1974

Smaller, more efficient, more reliable has been our successfully attained goal for the four last decades.

With Elecdan Converter, you will find the solution that suits your specific technical needs. We offer a wide range of innovative electric converters and step-up voltage regulators.

Over the years, Elecdan Converter innovated in the following fields:

  • Conversion of electric energy: ~ / dc, linear, from 1W to 300W
  • Conversion of electric energy: ~ / dc, switch mode, from 10W to 300W
  • Active filters
  • Analog calculators
  • Self-powered digital displays
  • Processing of analog signals (ANVAR research program)

Specific innovations and PATENTS:

  • 1996 – Invention (non patented) of self-powered mini-voltmeter “Visumax”
  • 1999 – Self-powered device for the automatic processing of analog signals
  • 2012 – Voltage step-up converter, fast and of high efficiency, from Watt to Megawatt
  • 2019 – Economical optimization of photovoltaic energy, offering a radical departure from the method initiated by NASA

Skills and Customizations to suit your specific requirements

We focus our know-how on:

A) Conversion of electric energy DC/DC

1) High power step-up voltage regulators, non-isolated, very high efficiency (2012 patent), standard or customized:

  • Non-standard input voltage (generally coming from a battery, a fuel cell or a photovoltaic panel)
  • Need to generate a specific power, and always with high efficiency
  • Product customization (color, logo, labels)

2) Isolated DC/DC convertors, standard or customized:

  • Different input ranges, from minimum 3V to maximum 1kV, depending on models
  • Different output voltage (maximum 250V)
  • Output voltages controlled by driving voltages
  • Case protection reinforced in case of non-standard thermal and mechanical environment

B) Processing of a wide variety of analog signals, standard or customized

Example: from 0 to 10 V  0 to 10 V / isolated / bandwidth from 0 to 5 megahertz MHz

  • Adjustment of the output parameters to the input parameters (examples: magnifying effect, lag, summation, multiplication).

C) Other studies and special manufacture according to specifications

  • Casted linear power supplies ≤ 20W
  • Special modules upon request. Example: control system for a MAXON 200W engine on a ultra-low power competition vehicle


Elecdan Converter produces in France and sells all over the world its high-quality (standard and customized) equipment for energy conversion and analog signal processing.

Elecdan Converter serves various industry branches, especially the following sectors:

  • Photovoltaics
  • Fuel cells
  • Automated systems for the electricity industry
  • Petroleum industry
  • Telecommunications
  • etc.

Elecdan KVM, previously known as Elecdan Distribution, is a subsidiary of Elecdan Converter. Created in Paris area in 1992, it now specializes in selling and facilitating the installation of industrial solutions.


Some of our customers in France, who trusted us over the years, for their national / international research and businesses:


OTAN supplier No. 9025.


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