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600W isolated DC/DC converters with five large input ranges

649.00  excluding tax

600W DCDC converters. With its optimized shape and volume for efficient natural convection cooling, this case can be mounted on wall (on the side) or on DIN rail (on front or side). Connections are made through 4 streamlined clamps for wires ≤ 72 mm2. Thermal resistance is 0.5°C/W and can be reduced to 0.25°C/W if required, with optional air flow of 4 m/s.

Input voltage Vin: 9V to 36V, 18V to 36V, 18V to 75V, 36V to 75V, 200V to 400V.

Ouput voltage Vout: 12V, 15V, 24V, 28V, 48V.


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Electrical data

“Vin” Input (protected against undervoltage)

  • 5 input ranges available: 9 to 36V / 18 to 36V / 18 to 75V / 36 to 75V / 200 to 400V
  • no load consumption: from 60mA to 400mA (see table on the PDF document)
  • possible external time-delay fuse: current (A) = 1200 / Vin
  • optional “on/off” remote control

“Vout” Output

  • 12V / 15V / 24V / 28V / 48V, depending on ranges; accuracy: 1%
  • optional fit with embedded “10 revolutions” axis: ±10%
  • line and load regulation: < 2.10-3 of Vout
  • remote sense -S and +S: 2-position mini screw-terminal (wires ≤ 2mm2)
  • temperature coefficient: ≤ 3.10-4 of Vout, per °C
  • switching frequency: fixed (≥ 200 kHz)
  • residual ripple: ≤ 1% of Vout
  • nominal efficiency: 88 to 90% (losses ≤ 82W)
  • dynamic response: < 0.5 ms, with 25% load variation
  • permissive capacitive load: 1,000µF to ≥ 22,000µF depending on load


  • input-output insulation: 1500V DC (3000V AC for Vin = 200 to 400V)
  • internal filter on the input
  • against overload and short circuit (even constant)
  • in case of inductive load: option “L” will reinforce protection
  • “inversion Vin” option: internal diode (external fuse required)
  • abnormal temperature rise: automatic shutdown and restarting
  • total sealing IP67

Thermal and environmental performances

  • storage: -40 to +100°C; operating: -40 to +85°C
  • cooling: natural convection (derating 2.5% per °C)
  • temperature rise of the case, at full load: < 41°C
  • maximum ambient temperature: 45°C at full power, 65°C at half power
  • vibrations, shocks, humidity: protection by epoxy resin

Standards and specifications

  • marking CE/UL60950-1, ICE60950-1, EN60950-1 / RoHS
  • flammability for PA2002: UL94HB, horizontal test
  • MTBF > 400,000 hours, case at 25°C
  • worldwide manufacturers for active parts
  • assembling and final controls: ELECDAN-CONVERTER

Available options (please contact us)

  • other Vin and/or Vout
  • Vout fit with axis “10 revolutions”
  • inductive load driving
  • “ON / OFF” remote control
  • “inversion” protection
  • side clip

For more information:
Download here the PDF presentation for these isolated DCDC converters 600W

Additional information

Weight 2600 g
Dimensions 280 x 170 x 130 mm
Product family

converters DC/DC isolated

Input voltage

18V to 36V, 18V to 75V, 200V to 400V, 36V to 75V, 9V to 36V

Output voltage

12V, 15V, 24V, 28V, 48V

Output power



4S (mountable on DIN rail or wall)