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This power failure detector is self-powered by the AC power that it monitors (90 to 270 V / 48 to 60 Hz).

In less than 2.5 milliseconds, this detector warns the user that the AC power disappeared (power failure or micro-cut).

This high-speed detection is an innovation particularly appreciated in:

  • automatisms (dim mode for actuators)
  • digital systems (data backup)
  • backup generators (almost immediate switching on the “emergency” mode)

The output of this detector is isolated from the input (> 4000V DC) and embeds a 1W bipolar static relay, open or blocking. This relay supports ± 400V (blocking) and a current rate of ± 50mA (open).


Fast detector of AC power failure

Upon request, we manufacture detectors with other voltages, additional functions, or personalized presentations.

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