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DC-DC Buck-boost mini-regulator up to 600W, high efficiency

  • Input: 7.5V to 62V/12A

  • Output: 2.5V/25W to 60V/600W

BUCK-BOOST regulator 600W DC-DC


Ideal for charging, up to 60V, with controlled current up to 10A, the most diverse batteries, this mini Buck-Boost of 600W max completes the range of our Buck-Boost of 400W, 2.3kW and 2.8kW. It is molded in a resin that homogenizes its internal temperature and makes it insensitive to humidity, dust, shocks and vibrations.


  • transforms any input voltage Vin, between 7.5 and 62V, into any output voltage Vout, adjustable from 2.5 to 60V (zero to 60V optional)
  • accepts an input power Pin (Vin x input current i in limited to 12A), increasing from 90W (7.5V x 12A) to 660W (60V x 12A)
  • allows a power output Pout = Pin x efficiency
  • has a precise limitation of the output current i out, adjustable from 5 to 10A (0 to 10A in option)

EXAMPLE OF CONVERSION 24V → 48V; efficiency: 92%

Vin = 24V determines Pin max = 24V x 12A = 288W, generating Pout max of 288W x 0.92 = 265W, i.e. an output current i out of 5.5A under 48V.


  • input zero and output zero: non isolated
  • line and load regulation of the output voltage: < 1%
  • current regulation, in constant current mode: < 2%
  • residual: < 400mV
  • switching frequency: ≈ 170kHz
  • ON / OFF (optional)
  • thermal characteristics:
    • thermal resistance of the case: 5°C / W
    • maximum case temperature: 100°C
    • storage temperature: -50°C to +120°C
    • suggested simple heatsink: ≤ 200 x 200 x 2mm aluminum sheet, according to the treated powers
  • Case:
    • all aluminum: 80 x 55 x 26mm / weight: 200g / IP67 sealing
    • mounting: 2 smooth through holes of diameter 2mm, and 2 blind M4 on support side; center-to-center distances: 45 x 71 mm
  • Screw terminal block:
    • for inputs and outputs: 4 connections of 8mm2
    • additive connections: terminal block for wires of diameter up to8mm


Even when not powered, this regulator supports any positive output voltage, up to 60V, while absorbing only 0 to 1mA. This faculty allows, for example, the direct charge of a battery, without the classic and energy-consuming intermediate anti-reverse diode.


  • output voltage and/or current adjustable down to zero
  • output current adjustable down to 0
  • factory-set Vout and i out
  • ON / OFF (additive mini terminal block)
  • outputs on overmoulded wires


  • CSA / 60950-1 / RoHS
  • MTBF > 400 000 hours, at full load, base at 25°C

Please download the datasheet here: PDF

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