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200W isolated DC/DC converters with very large input range and very high efficiency

433.00 514.00  excluding tax

200W modules converting 18 to 75V into 12V / 17A, with a 93% efficiency. Optimized shapes and volumes are enabling effective heat dissipation.

Two presentations:

  • 1CIHR: integrated dynamic cooling with a mini tubed fan, fast racking-out for fan replacement directly by the user after 50,000 hours. Case 64 x 64 mm, thin (33 mm), weldable on printed circuit.
  • 3HR: passive dissipation through natural convection. To be mounted on wall or DIN rail, either on front or side. Case 112 x 120 x 37 mm, equipped with four screw connectors for wire sections ≤ 40mm2.

Input voltage Vin: 18 to 75V.

Ouput voltage Vout: 12V.


For quantities above 25 units, please contact us for a quote
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For quantities above 25 units, please contact us for a quote
1 2-3 4-10 11+
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Electrical data

“Vin” Input (protected against undervoltage)

  • 18 to 75V (accidental max.: 80V / 0.1s)
  • no load consumption: 100mA at 48V
  • possible external time-delay fuse: 20A

“Vout” Output

  • 12V; accuracy: 1%
  • fit ±10%: optional with embedded “10 revolutions” axis for case 3HR; external with “trim” pin for case 1CIHR
  • line and load regulation: < 2.10-3 of Vout
  • temperature coefficient: ≤10-4 of Vout, per °C
  • switching frequency: fixed (≈ 260 kHz)
  • residual ripple: ≤1% of Vout
  • nominal efficiency: 93% (losses ≈ 15W)
  • dynamic response: < 0.2 ms, with 25% load variation
  • permissive capacitive load: 4,700µF to ≥ 22,000µF depending on load


  • input-output insulation: 1500V DC. Internal filter on the input
  • against overload and short circuit (even constant) by pulsed flow
  • in case of inductive load: option “L” 3HR will reinforce protection
  • “inversion Vin” option 3HR: internal diode (external fuse required)
  • abnormal temperature rise: automatic shutdown and restarting
  • total sealing IP67 (except fan for case 1CIHR)

Thermal and environmental performances

  • storage: -55 to +125°C; operating: -40 to +85°C
  • cooling case 3HR: natural convection (derating ≤ 4.3% per °C)
  • temperature rise of the case, at full load:5°C
  • maximum ambient temperature at full power: 62°C for case 3HR; 70°C for case 1CIHR
  • maximum ambient temperature at half power: 72°C for case 3HR; 70°C for case 1CIHR
  • vibrations, shocks, humidity: protection by epoxy resin

Standards and specifications

  • marking CE/UL60950-1, ICE60950-1, EN60950-1 / RoHS
  • flammability for PA2002: UL94HB, horizontal test
  • MTBF case 3HR: > 800,000 hours, case at 25°C (MIL-HB217E)
  • MTBF fan (easy rapid unplugging): 50,000 hours
  • worldwide manufacturers for active parts
  • assembling and final controls: ELECDAN-CONVERTER

Available options for case 3HR (please contact us)

  • Vout fit with axis “10 revolutions”
  • inductive load driving
  • “ON / OFF” remote control
  • remote sense
  • “inversion” protection

For more information:
Download here the PDF presentation for these isolated DCDC converters 200W

Additional information

Weight 900 g
Dimensions 160 × 170 × 90 mm
Product family

converters DC/DC isolated

Input voltage

18V to 75V

Output voltage


Output power



1CIHR (weldable on printed circuit; with built-in fan), 3HR (mountable on DIN rail or wall)