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Step-up voltage regulators

A new range of patented step-up regulators DC-DC (boost converters, boost regulators): please see the list below for voltages and powers

High power: from 500 W to 3 kW.
Small volume 100cm3: about half-brick for 2 kW, surface 64 x 64 mm (not counting screw connectors for wires of section up to 72 mm²).
Very high efficiency: from 90 % up to more than 98 %, depending on models.
• Advantageously replaces conventional DC/DC converters whenever input/output insulation is not required.
• In case of a very high starting current (motorcycle or car engine for example), our boost technique enables the switching – almost directly and immediately – from the source (battery) to the load, while a typical converter can collapse. Reinforced switch diode available upon request.
• Modular design, casing ready for wall or DIN rail mounting.
• Protection against humidity, dust, shocks, vibrations (IP68 or IP63 for boost converters with fans).
• Made to last, high quality materials. Stainless steel for the clamping braces.
• Available in 4 different shapes, depending on the cooling method.

• Photovoltaics
• Fuel cells
• Robotation within electricity industry
• Other industries

EXAMPLES (please scroll down this page for more):
• To transform a 12V battery into a powerful stabilized generator 15V / 900W or 24V/576W
• To power a vehicle with 24V/600W from the 10 to 20V of its fuel cell
• To operate a solar pump at constant speed, under 24V/1.2kW, from 18 to 23V
• To stabilize, at 400V/2kW, a 370V generator whose voltage varies from 345V to 395V
• To overcome the high starting current of an engine (ex: Maxon 24V / 9.15A / 212A) from a 12V battery

Our “step-up voltage regulators” are “non-isolated DC-DC boost converters”. Why are non-isolated converters more interesting (and more frequently used) than isolated converters? Read explanation

Our standard models:

DownloadInput volt. (V)Output volt. (V)Output curr. (A)Power (W)EfficiencyProduct SKU
PDF10 to 141560900> 95%SUR 1014-1560
PDF10 to 142424575> 94%SUR 1014-2424
PDF10 to 142818500> 92%SUR 1014-2818
PDF10 to 202425600> 94%SUR 1020-2425
PDF10 to 202818500> 92%SUR 1020-2818
PDF18 to 2324501200> 96%SUR 1823-2450
PDF18 to 232825700> 95%SUR 1823-2825
PDF20 to 283620720> 94%SUR 2028-3620
PDF20 to 284812.5600> 94%SUR-2028-48-12.5
PDF36 to 465612.5700> 95%SUR 3646-56-12.5
PDF40 to 607221150098%SUR-4060-7221
PDF45 to 5658402320> 98%SUR 4556-5840
PDF46 to 526050300099%SUR 4652-6050
PDF46 to 566040240099%SUR 4656-6040
PDF54 to 6972181296> 97%SUR 5469-7218
PDF345 to 39540052000> 98%SUR 345395-4005

For customized step-up voltage regulators (boost regulators), please contact us. We can adjust to your specific electrical constraints, space requirements, and other needs. Our engineering and manufacturing flexibility allows us to quickly prototype and create custom step-up regulators DC-DC, generally within less than 10 days.

Examples of custom voltage step-up converters and other non-isolated DC-DC converters, recently studied by Elecdan Converter upon customers’ request: some examples (see the second half of the article).

More information Download
Complementing presentation for all step up voltage regulatorsPDF

EXAMPLE OF ADDED RECEIVER ON EXISTING VEHICLE and powered by our step-up voltage regulator 10 to 20V 24V / 600W / efficiency > 94%

Download PDF

Example of easy set-up on vehicle with Elecdan-Converter step-up voltage regulator

Advantages of the ELECDAN-CONVERTER solution:

  • no extra alternator, no extra battery (difficult to install),
  • easy set-up,
  • receiver powered by constant voltage,
  • IP67 sealed boost-regulator,
  • reduced weight, volume and cost,
  • less maintenance,
  • increased reliability.

Other examples of step-up voltage regulators used for such a purpose:

  • regular, half-brick size: 10 to 14V 15V / 900W / efficiency > 96%
  • special, brick size: 12 to 16V 24V / 1.4kW / efficiency 94%


♦  Add VALUE to your BATTERIES by transforming them, easily, into POWERFUL CONSTANT VOLTAGE GENERATORS
♦  SAVE electrical energy
♦  ENLARGE your fieds of applications
with Elecdan-Converter’s innovative step-up voltage regulators (regular or custom) – 2012 patent

The batteries you manufacture (or use) provide electrical energy … but at fluctuating voltage, sometimes slightly or highly insufficient, which makes these batteries unsuitable for many applications.

Our boost converters eliminate these imperfections, and transform your batteries (of whatever technology) into generators of stable and adapted output voltage. All this with a very high efficiency (up to 98%) and within a small volume.



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