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Why should you be interested in Elecdan Converter’s patented, high-efficiency, non-isolated DC-DC converters?

The use of non-isolated converters, formerly quite uncommon, has now become widespread, particularly in the computer, telecommunications and electronic equipment industries.

We observe that 9 times out of 10, when converting DC-DC electrical energy, it is not useful to isolate the “zero of the output voltage” from the “zero of the input voltage”.

Tip: Starting with powers ≥ 100W, it is very advantageous to adopt a common “zero” at the input and the output, using a non-isolated DC-DC converter:

  • Much less energy losses thanks to a very high efficiency (typically 92% to 99%),
  • Decreased volume of the converter,
  • Input energy saving, delivered by the generator (battery, fuel cell, photovoltaic module, etc.),
  • Less parasitic calories to evacuate,
  • Increased reliability,
  • Reduced costs.

In addition, our non-isolated boost (step-up) converters prevent any starting-up overcurrent, thanks to an instantaneous switching. This enables, for example, the use of a motor with a very high starting current.

Types of non-isolated converters:

If you require an isolated converter, see our offers with powers ranging from 15W to 1250W, for input ranges between 9V and 1000V.

A few examples of non-isolated DC-DC converters, recently engineered by Elecdan Converter at the request of customers:


Type of non-isolated DC-DC converter Input Output Efficiency Customer’s field of activity
BUCK 30V to 50.4V
(12 lithium batteries)
24V / 15A / 360W 97% Automation / Germany
BOOST, proportionally controllable by “0 to 5V” 18V to 25V 26V to 48V / 600W
0 → 26V
2.5V → 37V
5V → 48V
94% Robotics / France
BUCK & BOOST 35V to 58.8V
(14 lithium batteries)
56V / 6A / 400W 95% Computing / USA
BOOST 10V to 14V
(lead-acid battery)
18V / 300W 96% Land transport / France
Reversible BUCK & BOOST 40V to 80V
(reversible aquatic generator with propeller)
56V / 6A / 400W (battery) 95% Sailboats (accumulation & propulsion) / USA
BOOST 40V to 56V
(4 x 12V lead-acid batteries)
72V / 12.5A / 900W 96% Railways / France
BOOST 3V to 5V
(fuel cell)
24V / 4A / 100W 90% Polar expedition / France
BOOST 20V to 28V
(lead-acid battery)
48V / 500W / 100 cm3 95% 525 robotic trolleys / France


Buck converters are also called step-down converters.
Boost converters are also called step-up converters.

Among our products, “step-up voltage regulators” are non-isolated DC-DC boost converters.

Custom converters: Is the conversion of very high-efficiency DC-DC electrical energy from 100W to 3kW tempting you? Tell us more! In less than one week, our engineering department will present you with a personalized solution to suit your technical needs.

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