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Universal Buck-Boost Regulator 400W

Adjustable DC-DC Buck-Boost Converter 400W

Input voltage: 17 to 85V  •  Output voltage: 18 to 60V (adjustable)  •  Efficiency: 94 to 96%


The ease of use of this converter-regulator, both step-down and step-up, simplifies the usual problems of DC-DC energy conversion. Main characteristics of this adjustable buck-boost converter:

  • Accepts any input voltage, from 17 to 85V
  • Delivers any output voltage, from 18 to 60V
  • Generates 400W, with a very high efficiency, up to >96%
  • With optional functions, adjustable or controllable
  • Benefits from our free assistance “integration and control”
  • Compact and with multiple mechanical presentations.


Exemples of applications using our innovative universal buck-boost converter regulator DC-DC:

Technical Data for this adjustable BuckBoost Converter 400W


  • Input voltage “Vin“: 17 to 85V (accidental maximum: 86V)
  • Zero of input and output: common
  • Output voltage “Vout“: 18 to 60V
    • manual adjustment with inbuilt 10-turn axis (trimmer)
    • factory setting upon request
    • external adjustment through a resistance (optional)
    • control according to chosen Vout range (optional)
  • Output power “Pout“: 400W, independently of Vout (24 to 60V) and Vin (17 to 85V)
  • Output current “iout“: 0 to 17A
    • iout max (7 to 17A) determined by your choice of output voltage and under power 400W
    • standard limitation of iout : by hiccup, as soon as Pout reaches ≈ 405W
    • optional limitation of iout by constant current, from <1A to 17A, with adjustment: either with inbuilt axis “10 rounds”, or external, or with controllable range
  • Line and load regulation: better than 5.10-3
  • Nominal efficiency: 94 to > 96%
  • Startup time: < 250 ms
  • Dynamic response time (iout = 50 to 100%): < 1 ms
  • Ripple: ≤ 1% of Vout
  • Switching frequency: fixed ≈ 230 kHz



  • Protection against overloads and short-circuits: standard, by hiccup (pulsing iout), ≈ 2.5A RMS
  • Optional complementary limitation at constant current, adjustable from <1A to 17A, for Vout ≥ 18V
  • Thermal protection (automatic reset)
  • Vibrations and shocks: sealing IP65 to IP67 (depending on the chosen presentation)



  • Storage / Operation: – 55°C to + 115°C / – 40°C to + 85°C
  • Temperature coefficient: 2.10-4 / °C
  • Thermal resistances “Rt”: 7°C/W to 2°C/W, depending on chosen case
  • How to calculate temperature rise “ΔT°” with natural convection:
    • ΔT° = losses (in W) x Rt (in °C/W)
    • Losses ≤ 25W for Pout = 400W (and ≤ 10W for Pout = 100W), as the minimum efficiency varies from >94% to >91% when Pout varies from 400W to 100W
    • ΔT° is divided by 2 with pulsed air at 2m / s



  • Marking CE; UL60950-1 / EN60950-1; RoHS
  • MTBF: > 500 000 hours at 25°C



  • Please see paragraphs “output voltage” and “output current”
  • “On / off” remote control
  • Other presentations



Mechanical Presentations – Casings

Optional heatsinks / dissipators ≤ 1.5°C / W, available upon request.


PDF presentation here for this DC-DC BUCK-BOOST converter regulator.

Please also see our Universal buck-boost regulator 2.8kW DC-DC  –  Constant Voltage or Constant Current Generator  –  Input: 8 to 60V / 50A; output: 0 to 60V / 0 to 50A / 2.8k

Currently in development: Mini-Regulators with very high efficiency,

  • buck ≤ 350W; input: 12 to 36V; output ≤ Vin – 3V; efficiency: up to 98%
  • boost 120W; input: 9 to 15V; output: 24 or 36 or 48V; efficiency: up to 95%.

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