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Analog signal processing

The isolation of our analog signal converters is guaranteed. For your requirements in terms of analog signal processing, these signal converters are noteworthy for:

  • very fast response time
  • high accuracy
  • high thermal stability
  • special functions

More than 30 models of analogue signal converters made in multiple presentations, for:

  • Current-to-current conversion (self-powered converters)
  • Current-to-current conversion (standard maximum input Iin: 20A)
  • Current-to-voltage conversion (standard maximum input Iin: 20A)
  • Voltage-to-current conversion (maximum input Vin: 10mV to 500V)
  • Voltage-to-voltage conversion (maximum input Vin: │50mV│ to │500V│; maximum bandwidth: 0 to 5 MHz)


Example: our voltage-to-voltage universal converter

Universal fast isolated programmable amplifier

A superfast universal amplifier (isolated):

  • Input Vin: 0 to ±50mV up to 0 to ±500V
  • Output Vout: 0 to ±10V or 0 to │±10V│
  • Programmable gain by R
  • Inbuilt gain control upon request

For more information: universal fast isolated programmable amplifier

Please remember that we can customize our products according to your specific requirements. Contact us for a quotation.

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