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Our innovation: a next-generation high-performance MPPT (maximum power point tracking), “Non-Perturbing Adaptation” method.

Optimizing photovoltaic energy, this breakthrough technology removes microprocessors (and their varied and binding algorithms) and drastically reduces cost prices.

This MPPT innovation concerns off-grid photovoltaic systems as well as grid-connected ones, the MPPT being included in a solar charge controller (standalone or within a solar inverter).

Response curve current voltage for photovoltaic panels - Advantage of having an MPPT Maximum Power Point Tracking
Connections for our innovative MPPT Maximum Power Point Tracking

Our MPPT has many advantages over the best competitive MPPTs included in solar inverters and charge regulators:

  • increased reliability,
  • efficiency even at low light levels,
  • extreme eco-design,
  • drastically reduced volume and weight,
  • exceptional resistance to extreme hygrometries and temperatures (from -40°C to 85/125°C; from -40°F to 185/257°F) as well as to electromagnetic disturbances,
  • possible pioneering direct integration in photovoltaic solar modules (for their own upgradation),
  • automatic adaptation to additions of photovoltaic panels in parallel, thus allowing scalable installations,
  • current sensor removed,
  • super-economic, etc.

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